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Claire Howarth


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Why work with me?

I've seen a lot of bad copy. I hate it. 


It can hurt a great business and kill a great product. 


I've written a lot of good copy. And I love it, because good copy can make a business soar.  

So why doesn't everyone just use good copy?

Because we all know it's not that simple. The line is so fine. A typo here, and you look unprofessional. A tone-deaf phrase there, and you're unlikeable. Using too many spammy keywords makes you seem untrustworthy, but too few (or not using the right ones, in the right way) means no one ever finds you


The line is so fine. And the stakes are so high. 


That's why I do what I do. 

Here's how you can be sure I'll get you the great copy you need:

  • I've never had a disappointed client. I will meticulously research your business, products and competitors, and create irresistible copy perfectly tailored to your target market.

  • I will use my own carefully-developed keyword-driven approach, which focuses on highlighting your product's benefits rather than simply listing features.

  • I will deliver your copy within a short time frame, because I know that time is money.

  • I'm a first-class graduate from the University of Oxford, native English speaker and qualified teacher, so you can bet I know how to write. 

  • I own a product-based e-commerce business myself, so I understand the pressures you face and the opportunities before you - I don't just know about it, I've been there myself. 

You can't cut corners on copywriting.

Let's talk!

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